Resetting Forgotten ESXi password

There will be a day where we want to access the ESXi host directly using UI/Shell but unfortunately we don’t have the password due to multiple reasons (Forgotten, engineer who deployed hadn’t shared and left the organization, lost the inventory data, etc…). There are couple of methods available on internet to reset ESXi password. But […]

Cannot create a failover image for group on vSphere Replication Server ‘’ (address ‘’)

Greetings guys. Well I am back with another interesting issue today. Again its related to vSphere Replication. There was a requirement at a customer site where an application team would like to recover their VMs at DR site that were getting replicated using vSphere Replication. Well since the requirement was simple, user checked the replication […]

vSphere Replication- ‘com.vmware.hms.replication.sync.DeltaAbortedException’

Hello Guys. Another day, another issue. During a Test Recovery, user had observed an error and test recovery was failing immediately with the error “A generic error occurred in the vSphere Replication Management Server. Exception details: ‘com.vmware.hms.replication.sync.DeltaAbortedException’”. Well again, my initial thought was there must be some network connectivity issue between SRM and vSphere Replication. […]

VMware SRM reports VM is not replicated by VR

Hello Guys… Recently while I was working with one of the customers on their planned DR activity, observed a strange issue. When I try to perform a Test Recovery or Planned Recovery, recovery plan fails immediately with error “VM ‘VirtualMI-Applicatin01-App01’ is not replicated by VR. VM ‘VirtualMI-Applicatin01-DB01’ is not replicated by VR. VM ‘VirtualMI-Applicatin01-Web01’ is […]

VMware Site Recovery Manager “null Error” while Accessing Recovery Plans Tab

When I was working with a customer on their planned Disaster Recovery activity, I noticed a strange behavior in Site Recovery Manager. Below are the version details that are deployed in customer environment. vCenter Server: 6.7U3 ESXi : 6.7U3f Site Recovery Manager: 8.2.1 vSphere Replication: 8.2.1 Issue: When I log on to the Protected Site […]

Working with ESXi Advanced Settings

Well there was a situation where a customer was experiencing performance issues and upon a lot of troubleshooting, there was a need to modify few of the ESXi advanced settings (Caution: Please consult VMware GSS before modifying any of the ESXi advanced settings as changing them may have an impact on other settings as well). […]

Changing NFS qDepth value on ESXi

In large scale environments where NFS datastores are in use, users or VMs running on NFS datastores may face performance issues while accessing the NFS resources. Well there could be multiple reasons for such performance issues but when it comes to changing the qDepth of the NFS on ESXi hosts, below is the two line […]

Installed VIB information on ESXi

I came across multiple situations where customer would like to get the information of a particular module version that is installed on their ESXi hosts (for upgrading the module or to make sure entire inventory on the same level) and collecting the data by logging into each ESXi host is a tedious job. So I […]