VMware SRM reports VM is not replicated by VR

Hello Guys…

Recently while I was working with one of the customers on their planned DR activity, observed a strange issue.

When I try to perform a Test Recovery or Planned Recovery, recovery plan fails immediately with error “VM ‘VirtualMI-Applicatin01-App01’ is not replicated by VR. VM ‘VirtualMI-Applicatin01-DB01’ is not replicated by VR. VM ‘VirtualMI-Applicatin01-Web01’ is not replicated by VR”

I initially thought that the VMs were not configured for replication or had been removed from replication due to some reason.

But when checked, VMs were there under Replications tab.

Next I checked whether there is any connectivity issue between SRM Server and VR Server but all required communication was working as per VMware KB Article

I tried to test my luck with other recovery plan and to my surprise it completed successfully without any complains.

Now I am confused and wondering why this weird behavior and started thinking what’s the difference between the two recovery plans.

After discussing with the other folks I understood that the plan that completed successfully was created few hours back where as the failed one was created long ago.

Also understood from the discussion that they restarted vSphere Replication appliances before the activity but not the Site Recovery Manager servers.

Now, I understood the issue. If we restart vSphere Replication servers, then we must restart Site Recovery Manager servers also at both sites.

I went ahead and performed the restart of the Site Recovery Managers at both sites and waited for the services to come up which took around 15 minutes.

Now final test. Performed the Test Recovery of the failed recovery plan and completed successfully.

Note: In some cases user may need to remove and re-create the Protection Group and Recovery Plan to fix the issue.